Do you, as an entrepreneur, business owner or coach want to have more free time so you can focus on the things that you are great at?

Hello there, entrepreneur, business owner and coach.
Do you want to focus on your clients and your mission while your communication, marketing and website is up and running without technical hassle?

Great plan!
I am here to save you a lot of time so you can focus on the things that you love most and are great at!

What I can help you with:

When it comes to project- & procesmanagement I can take a lot of work of your hands:
- online marketing & external communication
- branding/ social media
- organize & structure internal processes
- organize events
- automate processes with systems that work for you!

I feel happy to put our heads together and come up with a plan when it comes to strategy, content, community building, communication and I can also carry out tasks for you so you do not have to bother with that yourself.

Build your business with the right tools and support and reclaim your freedom.

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About me

I am Sumaya Femke Zwart, 43 and I live in the Netherlands, close to the ocean (Den Haag).

I love clear and effective communication, being congruent, I'm a fast thinker and act pro-active. Some people get stressed with deadlines. Not me! I blossom with deadlines and get in higher gear, it even fuels me with energy. I love to ask questions to create connection and to get to the base of problems and challenges, waiting to be solved.
I love writing and sending a message across which suits mission, goals and targetaudience.

I have a passion for singing, music, dancing, adventure, personal development, nature and authentic connection.